Trust Day Logging with Your Wood Harvesting Needs

There are endless industries that depend on logging and wood harvesting to operate and survive. They must work with companies that prioritize sustainability, both for future generations and for the Earth itself.

Wood harvesting is an old profession that is being made new again with the extensive use of innovative technology and a shifting mindset toward environmental safety.
If you need wood harvesting services in Maine or New Hampshire from a business keen on conservation and focused on protecting our forests, call Day Logging.

What is Wood Harvesting?

Wood harvesting, or logging, is the process of cutting down trees, transforming them into easily manageable logs, preparing them for a mill, and ultimately transporting them to their final destination. Wood harvesting is a large and complex job that requires professional workers and a high degree of precautions.

Who Uses Wood Harvesting Services?

Many industries require wood harvesting services. Any manufacturer who makes forest products, such as paper, furniture, construction, or a host of other products, needs clean-cut and specially prepared logs. Wood harvesting is one of the largest industries in the world. It is slowly getting transformed by innovative and cutting-edge technology.

Many wood harvesters today turn a blind eye to the impact of the profession on the environment. But Day Logging is here to revolutionize the Maine & New Hampshire logging services industry. Whatever your reason or need for the wood we cut and process, Day Logging can provide you with the wood of the utmost quality and careful processing.

The Importance of a Professional

Wood harvesting is a hazardous profession and should be trusted with experts only. Hiring the right wood harvesters makes all the difference, as the logistics and complexity of the task are immense. The best wood harvesting service will be on time, every time, along with quality wood products.

Day Logging promises exactly this consistency and professionalism you want from a job this important for your day-to-day operations. Wood harvesting is in our blood, and we can’t wait to show you the Day Logging difference.

The Day Logging Difference

Day Logging has been in business since 1946 and is proud to be family-owned throughout its history. Our specialty lies in balancing the need for wood our clients have and making sure we conserve the Earth, as we only, and will only have, one to use.

Day Logging employs a range of professionals and is proud to serve landowners and mill across Maine & New Hampshire. We can help you with your wood needs and other compliances.

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