Health & Safety

Day Logging Company specializes in sustainable, selective logging operations for harvesting timber and producing wood chips. We are a safety-conscious Maine & New Hampshire logging services company that takes pride in our commitment to our employees and clients. We strive to provide a safe work environment and always supply proper safety equipment when on site. Our goal is to make sure each worker has the necessary tools in order to complete the job properly.

At Day Logging, we train our employees to avoid hazards and be aware at all times. We encourage our employees to be prepared by providing them with the necessary training and equipment so that your Logging project can be completed safely.

Our entire team has guidance from experienced foresters and field supervisors at all times and our equipment is selected/maintained to be safe and in compliance. At Day Logging, Safety is non negotiable.

Sustainability Efforts of Logging

Besides producing oxygen for our environment, our forests are an essential resource for the fuel, pharmaceutical, and food industries. Though we count them as a renewable resource, their conservation and preservation are vital for sustainable use. At Day Logging, we are committed to executing and staying up to date on the most sustainable practices within our industry in order to do our part in the preservation of our Maine & New Hampshire Forests.

Have Logging Needs?

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