Customer satisfaction is at the heart of every business.

Here at Day Logging, we prioritize understanding our clients’ needs before going deeper into the process. With more than 30 years of experience, we know multiple ways to approach different problems. Hence, we have foresight into any challenges that may arise.

Our experience has made us a worthy market competitor with specializations in the following categories. But, when it comes to forest and land management, we can provide you just about any solutions to pending problems.

Wood Harvesting

Need wood harvesting services? You’ve got it.

Each member of our team is a proud Maine & New Hampshire logger. Hence, we not only take our wood harvesting seriously but we also take pride in our logging traditions of promoting sustainable wood harvesting.

Although we thrive in our traditional tree-cutting processes, we also strive to remain on the cutting edge of technology. The trees we handle are cut using both mechanical and manual methods. Thus, we produce high-quality timber products such as sawlogs and pulp.

Maintaining the balance between raw material provision to our clients and preserving our environment’s future is something we hold ourselves responsible for. And, according to our core values, we will continue to use our expertise in doing so.

Lot Clearing

Have a plot of land that is in need of being cleared? Well, leave it to us!

We believe that clearing a lot is not as simple as “removing obstructions.” The safety of our clients and the sustainability of the surrounding area are our top priorities when it comes to land clearing in Maine & New Hampshire.

We assess the terrain and check for the possibility of erosion and other environmental occurrences. We examine the surrounding area for possible habitats for pests. We also analyze nearby diseased or dying trees that may harbor molds or fall or break down with enough time. We then layout and create solutions so that the cleared-out land remains as safe as possible for years to come.


When we are hired for a logging job, we can cover every aspect of the project including the trucking. Our variety of premium trucks are at every jobsite ready to transport and complete the project. We do all of our own trucking on logging jobs which makes the process easier for you.

Safety is our number one priority when transporting timber and other heavy materials from point A to point B. We follow all the necessary safety procedures, from loading to unloading.

Our trucks are equipped with various fastening straps made for securing the truck’s load. Our experienced team keeps everything in check, from even weight and load distribution to the logistics and planning the safest routes. We ensure everything while keeping the fuel in check.


Need some high-quality firewood? You’ve come to the right place.

As part of our process, we handle it with the utmost care when acquiring wood from our logging activities. Natural seasoning takes place throughout the year, ensuring safe and efficient burning. We have also developed a proprietary sifting system. In addition, it removes all the waste materials from a cord of firewood. Thus, we can offer our clients a lot of value for their money.

Trust is essential to our team; we ensure our customers get their firewood by delivering their orders. Whether you are looking for Kiln-dried, seasoned, or green firewood- Day logging can help you with your firewood needs.

Have Logging Needs?

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