Meet Brent Day

Brent Day is a proud partner and owner of William Day Jr. and Sons Inc. His long time passion for the Maine and New Hampshire woods started as a young child. When he was growing up he was always looking for an excuse to get out into the woods any chance he got.  His passion for the outdoors quickly developed into a vision of becoming a logger. With vision, passion and determination that is just what he did. Working in the industry right out of highschool in 1995, he began to learn that he could turn his interest into a lifelong career.  He started to dive in and learn the many facets of the business. His focus became to learn everything he could about the proper way to manage a sustainable forest and with that he began to collaborate with landowners to achieve their goals and objectives.

Brent is someone who is always up to the challenge no matter what life or the forest throws at him. His hard work and determination come from a drive to succeed and be the best he can be at his trade. When others have the same drive he is the first person to come alongside them so they can be successful as a team. For Brent, the core of the business is the forest and the trees; however, the heart of the business is all about the people. When working with Brent you will always know what you are up against or what to expect. He won’t hold back but with that he makes sure that the customer is always well informed and taken care of. One of the most satisfying things for him is to revisit sites that they have harvested and seeing the growth and the stand improvement by doing a harvest. When the forest is supported and his customers are happy, he goes home at the end of each day to his family that he is devoted to, knowing that he has made a difference.