7 Ways to Find a Logging Company Near Me – Updated August 2023

There is a constant need for timber and logs to process for use in a wide range of industries, and where there’s demand, there’s profit to be made.  These industrial buyers aren’t interested in coming to your property to harvest your trees, and modern logging equipment costs are prohibitive.  This is why so many landowners turn to trusted logging companies as partners in their timber operations.

However, it’s sometimes challenging to find a local logging company you can trust to harvest your timber for sale to these interested parties in an efficient way. These businesses tend to spend little on advertising, so if you’re outside the service areas of the logging companies you can find, like Day Logging, you might need some help finding the right logger for you.

What Does A Logging Company Do?

A Logging company is a licensed business that cuts down trees commercially for sale as timber or pulp to processors, sawmills, and other companies. Logging refers to economic activity undertaken to help other forest-related activities such as oil extraction, farming, manufacturing, agriculture, property development, and mining. Logging companies support furniture businesses and home-building companies.

Who Can Help You Connect To A Local Logging Company?

If you search for a logging company near me but cannot find one in range of your property, there are some tried and true methods to find loggers who will service your area. The best and most likely to succeed approach is to get in touch with the following types of businesses and individuals who frequently interact with timber harvesting and logging companies to get a referral.

A stack of logs1. Firewood Businesses

Firewood businesses deal in different types of firewood. Firewood selling is often a side job for timber industry professionals. Such businesses often have working relationships with logging services or are a part of a similar business, much like Day Logging.

If not, such companies will almost certainly know a logging company operating in your area. You can easily contact firewood businesses by looking out for “firewood for sale” signs common in rural areas, finding them online, asking friends who buy firewood, or checking your local newspaper for ads.

2. Timber Cruiser

Timber cruisers are people who move across forest land to determine the volume of marketable timber and gather relevant information for logging and sales. They contact logging companies regularly due to the nature of their work. You can look up timber cruisers online or through local phone books and advertisements.

3. Timber Buyers

Another great way to connect with a local logging company is through timber buyers. They always have an established network of logging companies. Read the advertisements in local newspaper’s classifieds or watch for road signs. You’ll find general advertisements like “buying standing timber.” It’s easy to contact a timber buyer because they often advertise when they need to buy timber. 

4. County Farm Agencies

Farm agencies contact forest owners and farms. They know farmers who are getting timber harvested at any given time, and if they don’t know the company doing the logging, the farmer certainly does.

5. ForestersA member of a local logging company

Foresters are professional personnel specializing in the commercial renewing, cultivating, and harvesting of forests. Foresters work with landowners to sell logs and timber at the best prices. They work with a network of loggers who provide yield on their products. You can buy logs from them or directly from the loggers they work with.

6. Natural Resources Service Center

The state owns much of the land in any jurisdiction. They own large acres of forest for camping, hunting, hiking, and other recreational activities. They hire agencies to manage the land. Some of the agencies include:

These agencies sell logs and timber lots and will have a list of local logging companies. Contact them and inquire about logging companies near you.

7. Industry Associations

Industry associations often have comprehensive directories of member businesses, which can be an invaluable resource when you’re looking for local logging companies. Consider reaching out to organizations like the American Loggers Council, the National Woodland Owners Association, or your state’s forestry association. Here’s Maine’s Forestry Association. These organizations often provide resources to assist in finding services related to their industry.

Consider Working with Day Logging

If you’re based in New Hampshire or Maine, Day Logging could be a great fit for your timber harvest project. As certified master loggers working on all kinds of projects, we can handle virtually any logging project with the competence and professionalism you expect from a local logging company. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.