Clearing land is a challenging job. The cost of clearing land can be quite high. You need to work with a forestry expert or logger to make sure you get the best bang on your bucks. If you’re planning to clear the land before construction, chances are you’ll need to remove the timber from your land.

For that purpose, you need logging services for timber harvesting before developing, building, or subdividing on your forested land.

The Cost of Clearing Land

The average cost of clearing land and preparing it for construction is $2,581, whereas the typical range for clearing land is $1,266 and $2,900 or $1.18 to $2.00/square foot. You should expect to pay $2,581 to clear your land before building a house. 

However, total expenditure varies based on the needs, size, and land grading of the lot. If your land is full of forested trees, you may have to pay $733 to $2,333 for each acre to clear a slightly forested area. The more forest is cleared, the higher the cost.

Other factors you should consider in the cost include preparing the site after clearing land. Consider land condition because if your land is uneven, you’ll need to maneuver equipment to make the surface flat. You also need to acquire permits for land clearing, hire a professional for land survey and acquire tree removal and stump service. All of these factors contribute to high bills of land clearing.

A vehicle taking forest trees wood of an expert logging serviceLot Clearing Considerations

Given the high cost of land clearing, you need to make a plan to determine what you want to preserve and what needs to be cleared out. You can hire a logger who has local knowledge and respects your needs. A reputable logger will also offer timber resource valuation service to offer you the value of the cut timber.

Mark the boundaries of your property with the help of a cleaning crew. Talk to the logger about trees you want to cut while considering practical aspects of construction. There may be unhealthy trees that need to be knocked down, so they don’t affect your newly constructed building in the next storm season.

Make sure you discuss all the concerns with your clearing crew and create a definitive plan that addresses all aspects of lot clearing from excavation, use of equipment, process and timber selling.

Selling Timber

Part of lot clearing involves selling timber found on uninhabited land. It can be a source of income for you. Many landowners don’t receive the true value of their timber because they lack the knowledge of industry standards.

That’s where you need the help of a logging service. If you know the process of selling timber, it can be an enriching experience. Here’s the process:

Working with An Expert

Landowners sometimes overlook the role of the forester or logger in increasing the total sale value of their timber. Foresters and loggers are trained to choose the best trees for harvest, market timber at the highest value possible, and look after your woodland.

There are two types of foresters:

Public: These foresters work for the government or federal agencies. Their role includes giving insight on land management, but they offer little advice due to their work.

Private: These foresters do the same kind of work, but for a price. One of the benefits of hiring a private forester is that they offer thorough advice about woodland care and help you make the best out of the timber.

Forest Management Plan

Create a plan with your service provider to take care of the woodlands effectively. You can set your goals and objectives for timber harvesting while taking care of the land. You can include the following in the plan:

  • Rework neglected or degraded woodland area
  • Create a wildlife habitat
  • Create hiking trials
  • Develop a recreational area
  • Improve the health of trees

Consider What You Can Sell

Knowing what to harvest and sell can be daunting. A professional forester guides you about what trees to harvest, whereas a logging service can help you sell your timber based on its value. Consider these factors for timber valuation:

  • Species
  • Quality
  • Length
  • Diameter

Timber Selling

You can sell timber in the following ways:

  • Harvest the timber, process it, and sell it
  • Sell the timber as soon as it’s done harvesting, and the buyer cuts it 

You can sell cut products, but it can interfere with other activities. Logging is a complex process, and it’s best to hire a qualified professional. Talking to a logging service can help you maximize the value of your timber before subdividing or building your land. Talk to William A. Day Jr. & Sons to find the value of your timber. We offer logging services and timber resource valuation services so you can make the most of your woodland. Contact us today for further details.