Campfires are rightfully the heart of a campsite. They’re very easy to start with seasoned or kiln-dried firewood, and they also make for a commendable bed of coals for campfire cooking. The most preferred types of firewood include oak, beech, maple, birch, ash, and cherry. They’re great fuel for the fire since they’re easy to light up and maintain a good flame

cut up firewoodHow to Start a Campfire 

Here’s touching down on the basics of purchasing firewood to build a campfire:

Given that you have your seasoned or kiln-dried firewood with you, you want to hunt for a pit to start building your campfire. This should be a safe spot, i.e., one that isn’t surrounded by dead branches as they may catch fire. 

Collect tinder (dry leaves, grass, needles, and small twigs) and kindling (smaller stick pieces) from the surroundings and loosely pile them in the pit center. Next, you want to ignite the tinder with a matchstick or a lighter. Note: if you’re using a matchstick, only discard it into the fire after the matchstick has cooled down. 

As the fire grows, you want to continue adding more tinder as you blow ever so lightly at the base of the fire. Next, add kindling and larger firewood pieces to keep the fire going. This is known as the frame of the fire; the style of the flame depends on what you’re looking to cook. Regardless, you want to keep the fire under control at all times. 

How to Make S’mores 

Who doesn’t love campfire s’mores? S’mores are only the most popular campfire treat in the United States of America. They consist of a layer of chocolate and toasted marshmallows sandwiched between two graham crackers. It’s gooey, warm, sweet, and somehow everyone at a campsite always wants some more of the treat; hence their name: s’mores

The Secret Recipe

If you haven’t done this already, here’s a breakdown of all that goes into the perfect campfire s’mores: 

  • First, you prepare the campfire as mentioned above. You want to wait until the fire simmers down, leaving the logs red hot, before diving in with your marshmallows. 
  • Take a graham cracker and split it in half. Next, cut into your favorite chocolate candy bar to take out just enough cholate to fit the size of the graham cracker. Set the chocolate on top of the graham cracker and set it aside. 
  • Place your marshmallow on a stick and hold it over the heat. You want to rotate frequently to get all sides to be golden brown (or burnt, if that’s what you’re aiming for) and for the inside to be super gooey! 
  • Upon achieving the desired result, you can remove the marshmallow from the heat and place it on top of the chocolate. Place the other half of the chocolate and graham cracker duo on the top of the marshmallow to make a sandwich that your sweet tooth has been craving!  

Snuggled up near the campfire, munching on some deliciously gooey marshmallows and their crispy graham crackers exteriors, and gazing onto the stars; what a night that would be! 

The Best of Forestry Services 

Whether you’re looking to cozy up near the heated campfire in winters or heading outdoors to enjoy the summers, with Willian A. Day Logging, you’ll always have the best fuel possible; we carry a full range of firewood types. We retail and sell at wholesale rates three distinct types of firewood, including (1) seasoned firewood that’s left out for Mother Nature to dry out, (2) kiln-dried firewood that’s dried out in a kiln to reduce drying time and to kill living organisms in the wood, and (3) green firewood that hasn’t been dried out at all which makes them not so ideal for starting a campfire in the next few. 

Contact William A. Day Logging to purchase firewood for your campfire and s’mores night. We’ll schedule a delivery well within our range to get you an endless supply of firewood for your Maine or New Hampshire camp.

About William A. Day Logging 

William A. Day Logging is a family-owned forest management planning company that has been operational for over 30 years in Maine and New Hampshire, United States. Forestry services offered here include wood lot assessment, boundary-making, and timber resource valuation services. However, Brent Day, Scott Day, and Brian Day can also be contacted for wood or timber harvesting services, lot clearing, and trucking services.