Winters in New Hampshire and Maine are nothing short of windy, freezing, and snowy. Your winter fuel needs are for coziness, comfort, and a source of heat. Firewood is an incredibly popular winter fuel choice for many households in New England.

But there is a variety of firewood available on the market. When you search for a local firewood provider, you will see many offerings. But how many explain the difference between each firewood type? Only a few.

At William A. Day Jr. & Sons, we offer both seasoned and kiln-dried firewood.  Let’s explain the difference between both.

Wood on fireWhy is Firewood Used?

Firewood is an important commodity in the northern states because it’s a major source of heat. It is making a comeback in other parts of the world because of growing climate change concerns.

As the need for sustainable and renewable energy rises, households are looking for alternative heating and cooking sources. Firewood offers it all: it’s cost-effective, save fuel problems, and is a renewable energy source. It’s the all-in-one solution!

But what type of firewood should you use? Let’s explore.

Seasoned Firewood

Seasoned firewood is naturally dried wood. It can take about 18 months to air dry on its own. Air-drying gets rid of the moisture in the wood. Freshly-chopped green firewood is too moist to burn well. Excessive moisture won’t light the wood—instead, it produces a lot of smoke which isn’t good for the environment. That’s why the seasoned wood must undergo the process of air-drying for a long time.

Kiln-Dried Firewood

Kiln-dried firewood is also green firewood – or at least it once was. The difference lies in the way moisture is drawn out. Instead of waiting it out, the wood is artificially dried through a kiln, which is where the name comes from. 

These kilns are big ovens in which the wood is loaded. A large heat fan dries the logs and this controlled method of drying makes it easier to achieve the ideal level of moisture.

Kiln-Dried vs. Seasoned Firewood: The Ultimate Battle

Let’s compare Seasoned vs. Kiln-Dried firewood to see which one does better:

Which Firewood Dries Better?

Both seasoning and kiln-drying firewood do an amazing job of drying the moisture content. However, our goal is to find one that dries faster and better. Seasoned wood takes months to dry and may take years to achieve the ideal level of moisture.

Conversely, kiln-dried wood can be ready to burn within days. You may argue that fine wine takes time to age, but by the time seasoned wood dries, things change. You can’t compromise the quality of firewood. Kiln-dried firewood takes less time to dry and is a better option if time is your concern.

Which Firewood Burns Better?

Kiln-dried wood may have won the speed battle, but it’s also important to find which firewood performs better under heat. Although both methods produce wood with ideal moisture, there won’t be a tie.

Firewood that has below 20% moisture content burns better. Experts suggest that this threshold is the barrier between a lackluster and quality fire. Any moisture amount above 20% will make a poor-quality fire.

Seasoned firewood doesn’t do great under this threshold because of all the factors affecting it during air drying. The moisture ranges between 20% and 30% and makes a smoky burn. However, kiln-dried wood can get below the 20% threshold, plus it’s free of variables e.g., insects and mold. This means there’s no risk of harmful emissions or extra smoke. Instead, it burns better and lasts longer.

Which Firewood Offers Convenience?

What’s best about seasoned firewood is its convenience. If you can access it, you can make it. Chop, stack, and stack the logs in a low-humidity area, and voila! You’re done. Of course, then comes the waiting period of 18-24 months and the aim of getting a moisture level below 20%.

Alternatively, you can buy kiln-dried firewood straight out of a large oven. It will have a lower moisture content and will be ready to light.

We deliver top-quality kiln-dried and seasoned firewood at wholesale and retail prices in Maine and New Hampshire. We also sell green firewood so that you get the best winter fuel and renewable energy sources. Give us a call today!