Since gas is a limited resource with prices recently skyrocketing, there’s a great demand for more sustainable solutions to fuel heating and cooking. Thus, firewood has resurfaced as a significant solution to cooking.

As experienced logging and land management services provider, we have compiled a comprehensive guide explaining the benefits of using firewood for cooking. Read on.

Firewood As A Source of Heat and Cooking

For ages, humans have used firewood to keep themselves warm and cook their meals. Many rural areas still primarily rely on firewood. Though their consumption is mainly due to a lack of firewood alternatives, there’s no doubt about the many advantages that this source of heat offers.

Despite being a traditional method of cooking, firewood has its own boons of benefits. Including:

Firewood Saves Cost

The first apparent benefit of using firewood is that it saves costs. Amidst rising fuel prices and depleting resources, firewood is a great cost-saving solution. 

Even if you don’t cut your own firewood you still save money on fuel, according to the Research Institute of Sustainable Energy. Firewood is six times more economical than electric heating, four times more economical than oil, and five times more economical than gas heating. It eliminates our dependence on oil.

Firewood warehouseFirewood Solves Fuel Problems

World oil reserves are on the brink of depletion. According to US Office’s report on petroleum, oil is depleting 3x faster than it is being discovered. If this stayed, the world would have scarce petroleum reserves. Presently, the oil and gas industry is producing oil from existing reserves without finding replacements for them.

You can avoid this problem and dependence on oil by switching to firewood. It will prevent the depletion of oil reserves and give the oil and gas sector time to discover more petroleum reserves before the world runs out of existing ones.

When millions of homeowners use firewood for cooking and heating, they’ll save tons of gas and kerosene every day.

Firewood Makes Food Delicious

Many believe that cooking food with firewood makes it taste better. Chefs prefer firewood grills over gas because the smoke adds a delicious flavor. Smoked items taste better when cooked with firewood because smoke penetrates the food creating an aroma of burning wood.

Firewood is Renewable

Since wood is a traditional and natural heat source that comes from trees it is completely a renewable source for cooking and heating. The trees can grow and re-grow if managed properly. In the case of blackouts and power failures, this renewable source of energy will provide light and keep you warm.

Firewood Boosts Local Economy

When you purchase firewood from local firewood contractors in your area, you also contribute to your local economy. Acquiring local firewood can be a great way of investing in your local economy.  Local companies are also providing job opportunities to those in the community.

Firewood is Sustainable

As we mentioned earlier, firewood is a renewable energy resource; it’s also carbon neutral. So when you burn firewood, you don’t contribute to carbon emission. In fact, when you burn wood, it releases the same amount of carbon as it does when the wood rots on the forest floor. 

There are no toxins that emit when you cook your meals using firewood. Although firewood is laborious, it’s safer because you prevent carbon emissions and harmful additives from penetrating your food.

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